Future Concerts


Welcome to our  live concerts of 2021!

Please book your seats via this website. This is a Free concert but contributions towards the musicians’ fees and expenses can be made via Paypal on this website or at the concert.

Thank you and we shall look forward to meeting you again in person soon.

Suzanne Cacciottolo

Artistic Director – Conservatoire Concerts

Future Concerts for 2022 ….


Saturday 4th June, 2022 –  7.00pm 

An Evening of German Music Through the Ages



Saturday, 25th June, 7.00pm – Linley String Quartet

(Haydn, Schumann and Schubert quartets)



For concerts in Farnham organised by TBS (CIO) please visit this website


For concerts in Guildford, organised by HennesseyBrown Music please visit this website